Most Secure Real Time Chat Web App

Built Using

NextJS, ReactJS, Firebase, Material UI (MUI), Styled Components

Ignite Gamer

A Gamer's Place

Built Using

ReactJS, Redux, Axios, SASS, Parcel, Framer Motion

Waves Music Player

A Minimal Stylish Music Player

Built Using

ReactJS, SASS, JavaScript

Kingdom Shop

An E-commerce Store

Built Using

Django, Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PostgreSQL, RazorPay (Payment Integration)

The Kru'Z

Very Well Designed and Developed Personal Portfolio Website

Built Using

NextJS, ReactJS, SASS, Netlify Forms

Capture Portfolio

Modern Portfolio Website

Built Using

ReactJS, Framer Motion, Styled Components

Neumorphic Music Player

Music Player with Neumorphism

Built Using

JavaScript, HTML, CSS

The Kru'Z - OLD

Old Schooled Portfolio Website

Built Using

JavaScript, HTML, CSS, jQuery, Netlify Forms